The Brentwood Swim Club 

Here is the process of Selling and/or Buying a membership to Brentwood Swim Club.

            The Seller must contact the Tyler Forney, VP of Membership, to notify me of the intent to sell. Since each membership is privately owned, the board of BSC has no say in the price of the membership. The seller can sell the membership to anyone who has filled out an online application at our BSC web site. If the seller does not have a person they want to sell the membership to, I can place your name and contact info on our Seller's List page on our website and interested buyers can contact you.

            Once a price has been negotiated between the seller and the buyer, contact me again so I can take the seller's name off our Seller's List and check on the application status of the buyer. The buyer is responsible for the $150 transfer fee of the membership. Please write the check to Brentwood Swim Club and mail (or drop off) the check to me at

8931 Pine Ave Brentwood Mo, 63144

            The seller needs to contact me once more that payment has been received. I will then make the seller inactive in our system.  I will make the buyer active only after I receive the transfer check $150 and the seller receives payment for the membership.

Current Sellers

Please contact the Vice President of Membership with questions.






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